What Happened to Bostin Loyd?

March 7, 2023

what happened to bostin loyd

What happened to bostin loyd

Bostin Loyd was a 29-year-old bodybuilder who died last week. He collapsed at his home in Springhill, Florida and was later transferred to a hospital where he was declared dead.

His death was first reported by Generation Iron, who says he passed out while heading to the gym. He was then taken to the emergency room and C.P.R was used to try to revive him.

According to his friend Dave Palumbo, the cause of Loyd’s death is likely due to his steroid use and other heart issues. “Bostin had an enlarged aorta, which is genetic,” Palumbo shared.

He also had high blood pressure, which increased the risk of an aortic dissection (splitting). This happens when there is too much pressure in your aorta, and it can cause it to split.

Loyd also had a weak heart, and he suffered from a history of congestive heart failure. He also had a history of using steroids, which can increase blood pressure and heart rate, making it difficult to breathe.

As a result of his steroid use, Loyd was diagnosed with stage five kidney disease. He tried to reverse the effects of his kidney failure by taking glutathione, stem cells, and other treatments.

But despite his best efforts, he was unable to save himself from his aortic dissection. He died on February 25 at age 29. Many fans are shocked by Loyd’s death, and will surely miss him.


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