What Happened to Brett on the Real Love Boat?

March 29, 2024

When the new reality show based on the classic TV show The Love Boat debuted, viewers quickly began picking out their favorite contestants. One contestant, Brett DeLaura, was particularly intriguing. Despite only appearing on the show for its second episode, he was already garnering a massive fan base. However, he left the show abruptly on October 12 due to illness, and viewers are left wondering what happened to him.

In case you haven't watched the new show, it follows 12 singles as they board a luxury cruise ship and try to find love. The cast includes a mix of celebrity guests and regular people from around the country. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell serve as hosts.

The first episode featured a few romantic couples forming, but it didn't last for the entire trip. Ultimately, it was Kendra Yurczyszyn and Jordan Malabanan who found the biggest spark on the ship and ended up getting together. But, they also forged deep friendships with other cast members.

Kendra explained that she and Jordan were able to maintain their connection even after the show ended. However, their busy schedules and the distance between them eventually dissolved their relationship.

As for Brett, the show claimed that he had to leave the yacht because of some sort of illness. However, they didn't offer much detail on what the ailment was. That left many fans upset, with some claiming that they only watch the show because of Brett and will stop watching now that he's gone.


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