What Happened to Brimsley and Reynolds in Queen Charlotte

March 21, 2024

The core relationship in Netflix's Queen Charlotte was between Queen Charlotte and King George, but the spin-off also revealed a sweet and unexpected below-stairs romance between the royal's trusted attendants. Young Brimsley, played by Sam Clemmett, develops a romantic connection with Reynolds, King George's valet, over the course of the series. The two share a quiet but deep love story, spending their time apart from their royal charges and sneaking into private rooms to snuggle or dance. The pair's chemistry made their romance feel lived-in from the very first episode, and their end is one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show to date.

In one of the last scenes in the series, Reynolds and Brimsley are seen dancing together at a ball. The scene then cuts to a present-day Bridgerton timeline where an older Brimsley is dancing alone, leaving many viewers wondering what happened to the pair. Hugh Sachs, who plays adult Brimsley in the series, recently gave an explanation as to what actually occurred to our favorite royal servants, and it's just as heartbreaking as you might have expected.

In an interview with Vulture, Sachs explains that while the pair's final scene on the series was an edit, it was originally much clearer as to what happened to Reynolds and Brimsley. The scene was supposed to show the pair living together in their old age - and even going on a romantic vacation with each other, but it was ultimately cut as too much of an anticlimax. Instead, Reynolds is shown to be living with the king in his old age and being kept apart from his love interest because of his status as a servant.


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