What Happened to Brit from Crime Junkies?

July 12, 2023

Britt Prawat and Ashley Flowers are a lifelong friends from Indianapolis, Indiana who run the Crime Junkie true crime podcast for the audio chunk network. Their show has been a hit since its launch in 2017, and millions of listeners tune in to hear new episodes every week.

Fans of the podcast are wondering what happened to britt from crime junkies and how she is doing now. The podcast co-host was diagnosed with a brain bleed and blood clot after a sudden incident while recording the podcast. This caused her to have multiple surgeries to have the condition fixed. On a special episode of their podcast called Friends, Brit opened up about her situation for the first time.

As a result of her medical issues, she had to take a break from the podcast for a while until she is fully recovered. The podcast has not aired new episodes since May of 2022, which has left fans wondering where her health journey is taking her.

The two friends have been working on the podcast together since 2017. Their show is a popular crime and investigative podcast for the Audiochuck network that targets women.

They are able to bring the stories of real murders and investigations to listeners by interviewing the actual people involved in each case. The hosts are known for being very approachable and honest with their listeners.

They are always looking for fresh and exciting stories to bring to their listeners. However, their popularity has come with some criticism from newspaper reporters who accuse them of presenting information without proper verbal citations to the original sources.


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