What Happened to Brock Davies' Left Hand?

March 7, 2023

what happened to brock davies left hand

What happened to brock davies left hand

After Brock Davies admitted that he slapped Scheana Shay on Vanderpump Rules, many fans became curious about what exactly went wrong. After watching the episode, many eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Davies only had four fingers on his left hand.

The rumor began spreading on social media, with many people wondering what happened to brock davies left arm and hand. After all, it's a bit unusual for someone to only have four fingers.

According to a report from Us, the former rugby player suffered from a childhood mishap that led to his loss of a finger. After he was airlifted to the hospital, he reportedly had to undergo a bone graft and skin graft.

Thankfully, he was able to regain the use of his hand. However, he still wears a brace to support the area.

What is brock davies net worth?

American former rugby pro and fitness instructor Brock Davies is a very successful person. He owns two gyms in San Diego and is a personal trainer and CEO of a fitness app.

How old is brock davies?

The thirty-year-old is a retired rugby player who played for the New Zealand national team. He also owns two gyms called F45 and has appeared on 'Vanderpump Rules'.

Who is brock davies girlfriend?

The 30-year-old former rugby player is now in a relationship with reality star Scheana Shay. He and her have recently welcomed a daughter named Summer Moon.


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