What Happened to Brock in Breaking Bad?

October 11, 2023

One of the most infamous moments in Breaking Bad involved Walter White poisoning young Brock Cantillo. While many people have defended the decision, others have seen it as a tragic act that showed how far Walt was willing to go in order to protect himself. Since the show ended, many viewers have wondered what happened to brock in breaking bad.

While it's still unclear exactly why Walt decided to poison Brock, it is clear that the goal was to drive Jesse away from Gus Fring and his drug empire. By making Jesse think that Gus had poisoned Brock, he would be more likely to turn on Walt and hand over the meth lab.

In an attempt to convince Jesse that Gus had poisoned Brock, Walt even went as far as to plant a ricin-laced cigarette in the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Luckily, Jesse was smart enough to figure out that the real explanation was much more sinister.

When Jesse confronted Walter at the Whites' home, he grabbed his gun and pointed it at him, accusing him of poisoning Brock out of revenge. But as Vince Gilligan explained at a San Diego Comic-Con appearance in 2013, the ricin was actually found in a lily of the valley plant that Walter had grown in his backyard.

The toxic berries caused the same effects as the ricin that Jesse figured had been eaten by Brock. While it is unclear what happened to brock in breaking bad after that, it's safe to assume that he was taken in by his grandmother.


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