What Happened to Burgess on Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 2

July 11, 2023

Over the course of ten seasons, viewers have seen plenty of Chicago PD characters put through life-threatening situations. But for many, the most traumatic storyline has come from officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati). In season 8, she was kidnapped, shot and left for dead by Roy Walton. Afterward, she struggled with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

But despite her difficult history with PTS, Burgess was determined to return to work on the force and she did just that. However, as the second episode of season 9 aired on Thursday, it was clear that things were still far from perfect for Burgess. The episode was titled "Rage" and was centered around the murder of a PD informant.

While on the case, Burgess was confronted by Voight over her decision to lie to a review board and claim that she was alone in her patrol car during the shooting. She also reveals that she was sexually assaulted by one of the suspects involved in the case, Ruby.

At home, Burgess told her therapist that she wanted to return to work but was struggling with the aftermath of the shootout. The therapist then tells her that PTS can lead to her making decisions out of fear and pushing away those she loves. She suggests that Burgess try to find a way out of her situation. Later, at work, Burgess finds herself face-to-face with Ruzek (Patrick Flueger). As they were talking, the sound of a car backfiring makes Burgess flashback to when she was shot, and suddenly they are both screaming. But just when it looked like they were going to retreat from each other, Burgess pulled Ruzek in for a kiss and the pair soon found themselves tearing off their clothes.


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