What Happened to Camila Vargas on Queen of the South?

July 12, 2023

Veronica Falcon has played many characters in her career, but none of them have been quite like Camila Vargas on Queen of the South. The actress won over fans with her skills as a businesswoman, mother and ruthless criminal. The character is an inspiring figure in a time when women are often told they can't have it all. But Camila proves that it's possible to build a successful empire and still be a caring mother to her daughter.

Camila is the head of the Vargas Cartel in Dallas and operates in sex trafficking, prostitution and cocaine. She is married to Epifano and has a young daughter named Isabella. She is the arch-nemesis of Teresa Mendoza.

In season 3, she manipulates rival drug lord Boaz Jimenez into ordering a hit on her and then turns the tables by having him kidnap her supplier. She and Jimenez get into a nasty war over the drug smuggling business, with Camila winning the conflict.

Camila becomes a fugitive at the end of the season. She gets back in the narco biz when she meets Detective Alonzo Loya, who becomes her partner and lover. She also rekindles her relationship with her former lawyer, Cole Van Awken, who helps her run her legal practice while she's a fugitive.

But Camila was not seen in season 4. So, what happened to camila vargas? The series is on its fourth season, so we can't say for sure if she will return. It's possible that she decided to leave the show or maybe the writers simply chose not to write her into it.


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