What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials?

September 9, 2023

Billy Fuccillo is an entrepreneur with numerous dealerships in Florida and New York. He specializes in marketing his business through eye-catching advertisements. Moreover, he is known for his customer-centric ideology and friendly personality. Unfortunately, he passed away in June 17, 2021 due to a long-term illness. This must have shocked his family and friends.

What happened to caroline on fuccillo kia commercials?

Caroline Renfro is a famous model who became well-known for her appearances in the Fuccillo Kia commercials. She is a beautiful woman with a pretty face and she gives good performance in the commercials. However, recently audiences are missing her appearance on the commercials. A new model named Abby is replacing her.

The Caroline contract as the star for the Fuccillo Kia commercial still continues and the head of the marketing division mentions that this contract will last for other years in the future. The reason why Caroline is not appearing on the commercials currently is that she has decided to take a vacation for a few weeks.

She will be back on the commercials soon, but for now, Abby is starring in her place. Abby is a talented young woman who has a lot of experience as an actress and model.

Her career has been a whirlwind one and she has worked as an actor, producer, emcee, radio host, talent coach, and blogger. She has worked on many different projects and is a talented individual who has managed to build up her net worth to over $1 million. She is an avid traveler and has a blog called To & FroShow where she writes about her experiences.


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