What Happened to Chonda Pierce's Daughter Chera Kay?

August 23, 2023

Known to many as the queen of clean comedy, Chonda Pierce is a Christian entertainer, television host, author and actress. Despite her fame, she lived a life of pain and suffering as she struggled with depression and the physical abuse by her father. She also lost two of her sisters in their teens and had a broken relationship with her daughter as well as her husband.

Chonda and her husband, David, were high school sweethearts. They were married shortly after college and had a daughter, Chera Kay. They both went on to have successful careers. David was an English professor at Middle Tennessee State University and other colleges while Chonda pursued her comedy career. Her success led to her becoming a popular comedian amongst the church circuit. However, she reportedly became estranged from her family and focused solely on her career.

As a result, her daughter, Chera began to resent her parents. She was especially angry at her mother because her job required her to spend a lot of time on the road. Her resentment led to her eventually getting married, having kids and cutting off all contact with her parents. Chera often cried about her situation and soon started to notice that her spouse had started drinking a bit more than usual.

In her spare time, Chera enjoys traveling, reading, and spending quality time with her family. She is also a talented singer and has performed in numerous events. In addition, she is a passionate volunteer and contributes to organizations that help people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, and poverty, according to her bio.


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