What Happened to Chris and Jessi Morse?

September 10, 2023

The couple lives in Alaska where they own a homestead along the Cosna River. They're both self-sufficient and live off the land — Jessi is a skilled painter, while Chris prides himself on his knife-smithing skills. They also run a small online store called Cold Spot Studio, which sells painted pottery mugs and caribou antler knives that Chris forged himself.

Living off the grid isn't easy, but it's something that the couple cherishes and enjoys every day. They're often faced with complicated challenges and are forced to overcome them on a daily basis. In one video posted on their Facebook page, Chris and Jessi describe how the river bank they used to stake out for their fishing lines was flooded overnight by the swollen Cosna River.

Despite the difficulties, they love every minute of their lifestyle and don't see themselves ever returning to a regular life with modern conveniences. According to TVStarBio, the couple makes around $4,500 per episode of Life Below Zero. In addition to that, they also rely on their online store for a source of income.

The pair has been married since they were in high school, and their relationship continues to blossom even after filming the show. They're active on social media with their Facebook and Instagram accounts, where they post content related to their appearances on the show.


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