What Happened to Chris From Mr Beast?

April 2, 2024

Chris is a well-known member of the MrBeast team and has contributed to the channel’s enormous success. He and Jimmy Donaldson make up one of the most popular YouTube duos, with an estimated 100 million subscribers between their channels. However, the pair have a private side to their lives that has recently come into focus.

The pair are both transgender, and Chris was recently subject to a torrent of hate from trolls on social media after revealing that they were beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is a medical procedure that requires the use of estrogen and anti-androgen medication to establish female secondary sexual characteristics. Despite the vitriol, MrBeast has stood by his friend, and has defended them against the transphobic comments that have surfaced.

But despite their best efforts, rumors began to spread that Mr Beast had intentionally exiled Chris from his team and removed him from the group’s videos. This is an extremely unfortunate claim that was fueled by the same toxic reactions to transgenderism that are so common on the internet, including actions like deadnaming and purposeful misgendering.

The truth is, Chris is still a part of the MrBeast team and will continue to be until they choose to end their relationship. Until then, viewers should approach any gossip about the duo’s personal lives with skepticism. It is crucial for online personalities to be able to respond to fans’ concerns with honesty and clarity, rather than spreading false information.


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