What Happened to Chris From MrBeast?

March 30, 2024

YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is not happy with some of the transphobic backlash that has followed his collaborator Chris Tyson since the latter shared that they are undergoing hormone therapy in order to explore their gender identity. Although Tyson has been appearing in the 144 million-subscriber channel’s videos for years, MrBeast recently addressed questions about why the other content creator was missing from his latest uploads to Japan.

A few months ago, the vlogger revealed that they were starting hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, in order to begin exploring their gender identity as female. The 26-year-old, who uses all pronouns and identifies as a transgender person, described their transition as life-saving. This led to a storm of social media support and encouragement, as well as some hate and bullying.

Unfortunately, some viewers of the channel have taken this opportunity to perpetuate transphobic ideas and spread misinformation about the experience of transgender people. Despite this, the majority of MrBeast’s audience has been supportive of Tyson, and their friendship has remained strong after the recent drama.

Nevertheless, one vlogger named SunnyV2, who goes by the name Lachlan Windross, recently released a video criticizing Tyson’s decision to pursue gender-affirming care. Windross claimed that Tyson’s changing appearance would derail the popularity of the MrBeast channel, which already boasts 145 million subscribers. In response, Tyson took to Twitter to address the claims and hit back at those attempting to damage his career with transphobic rhetoric.


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