What Happened to Chris Henry's Fiance?

March 7, 2023

what happened to chris henry fiance

When Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died, the NFL world mourned. It was a moment that no one wants to go through. It was a godawful nightmare.

It's been two years since former Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry died. Now the former fiancee of Henry is looking to get some justice.

What Happened to chris henry's fiance?

In 2009, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was thrown from the back of a truck driven by his fiancee. As a result of the crash, Henry suffered serious head injuries that led to his death.

Now, the Bengals' former wide receiver's family is suing his fiance for wrongful death. The suit claims that Loleini Tonga was negligent in causing the crash that killed Henry.

The suit alleges that Tonga ignored Henry's pleas to stop and instead drove her vehicle in a careless and negligent manner. The lawsuit also claims that Henry likely suffered pre-impact terror and fear of impending death.

Despite her absence from social media and the headlines, Henry's ex-fiance Loleini Tonga is still fresh in people's minds. She has two sons — Chris Jr. and Demarcus — who both went to school with their father.

When we asked her about him, she always talked about him so his kids knew him as well as she did. They're honor students at Withrow Junior High in Charlotte and go by the names Man-Man and Bubba.

He is a football player and loves to play soccer. He is also a basketball player and loves to play AAU basketball. He also has dreams of becoming a brain doctor and helping those with the same issues as his dad.


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