What Happened to Chris?

March 24, 2024

Chris is an American YouTuber and social media influencer. They have a huge following on their main channel Mr Beast, which features various prank videos. They also have other channels and participate in challenges on platforms like TikTok.

Chris has been the victim of online hate and bullying in the past. Their announcement of being non-binary and starting hormone replacement therapy sparked a lot of hate and backlash. Despite this, they have continued to remain positive and not let it affect them.

Recently, rumors began to spread that they were fired from the Mr Beast team due to their transitioning. This rumor was fueled by the fact that they did not appear in some of Mr Beast’s recent videos and social media silence. However, Chris has clarified that they have not been removed or asked to leave the group.

He also confirmed that he is currently on a trip to Japan with the rest of the team and that they will be releasing new content soon. In the mean time, he encouraged fans to keep supporting him and to not take any of the negativity personally.

Besides Mr Beast, Chris also has their own YouTube channel called ChrisO2 and is known for playing Minecraft. They have been featured in a lot of popular YouTube challenges and are well known for their pranks.


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