What Happened to Christina Aguilera?

October 17, 2023

When Christina Aguilera sang the lyrics "What a Girl Wants" back in 1996, she had a very clear message: women need to stand up for themselves. Those are lessons the 42-year-old music superstar still lives by today. And now, she's taking her strong messaging to the next level with a new partnership. The singer is the co-founder and chief brand advisor of female sexual wellness brand Playground.

The singer's newest venture is the perfect fit. It allows her to share the "power of the feminine voice," something she's always been passionate about. It also gives her the opportunity to show off her impressive vocals — which sound more layered and full than ever before. Her recent performances on The Voice have proved she's back in top form. She just recently performed "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" with her team and it was one of the best vocal performances she's given in a long time. Her lower tones seem much richer and she's not as thin as she used to be.

While it's easy to forget about Aguilera after her rocky years in the spotlight, she's slowly making her way back up to the top. And she's doing it by staying true to herself. She's not about to be baited into drama with other musicians or reliving her past mistakes. "Back in the day, at the time, the media was big on pitting women against each other," she said in a TikTok interview. "There was a bully mentality going on in the tabloids."


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