What Happened to CJ So Cool?

October 11, 2023

What Happened to Cj So Cool

YouTuber Cordero James Brady, known as CJ So Cool, is a family man who has a wife named Royalty and three step-kids from her previous relationships. He is a popular personality who is into quick reaction videos and pranks. He has a huge number of followers and is considered to be among the top 10 YouTubers. He has faced a lot of criticism for some of his videos but is still continuing to upload vlogs and other content.

The vlogger began his YouTube channel in 2014 and started with reaction videos. His brother Jinx is also a YouTuber and has helped him a lot in shaping his career. Soon, he became a popular face and started vlogging with his family. He started posting weekly vlogs and challenges and also focused on pranking. He has a very strong bond with his family and is referred to as the Wolfpack online.

He has an amazing physique and is quite fit. He regularly uploads pictures and videos of himself working out. He also loves to travel and has a large collection of shoes.

The vlogger recently announced that he is dating Alexis Lohmier, a Las Vegas realtor. Lohmier has a massive following on Instagram and is often featured in CJ So Cool's vlogs and social media. They began dating as early as September 2022.


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