What Happened to Colton and Josh?

July 12, 2023

If you are a fan of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, then you must be familiar with Colton Thorn. The interior designer dated Josh Flagg for a while and the two also worked together on some design-related projects. The couple was very popular in the show and fans loved to see them together. However, Josh shocked his fans when he posted a picture of himself with someone else. He refused to comment on the matter but it is obvious that they are not a couple anymore.

According to Daily Mail, Colton broke up with Josh in 2016. The reason behind their separation is unknown. However, it is clear that they were not a good match. They never talked about marriage plans and seemed to be just working on their careers. Moreover, Josh moved on very quickly after the break up and he was already dating someone new when they returned for the show.

What happened to colton and josh

It is unclear why the pair broke up but it is clear that they were not a great match for each other. Colton was too set in his ways and he always wanted to play. In the end, it was just too much for Josh and they decided to call it quits. Josh is now married to Bobby Boyd and he seems to be very happy in his life. He is enjoying his travels and he is posting pictures of all his amazing adventures on social media.


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