What Happened to Colton Farley?

March 7, 2023

what happened to colton farley

What happened to colton farley

He was a 19-year-old Alabama cowboy who sadly passed away this week. A few days after he battled for his life in the hospital, the appaloosa horse enthusiast and barrel racer died from injuries suffered in a brutal attack.

A box truck slammed into a moped on Monday afternoon in Spartanburg, killing the driver and injuring the other rider. The collision happened near the intersection of Colton Street and Farley Avenue, according to Maj. Art Littlejohn of the Spartanburg Police Department.

What happened to colton farley

Prosecutors told the alleged victims that it would be difficult to prove the sex abuse Farley committed because the accused acts occurred in a medical setting, said attorney Michael Wentworth of Pamplin Media Group and former prosecutor Courtney Thom, who represented a patient who claims Farley sexually stimulated her during pelvic exams.

But the patients, who allege they were abused by Farley at age 12, 13 and 15 years old, believe it is a crime under Oregon's sex crimes law. The statute allows for such cases if the accused "does not have a'reasonable expectation of privacy concerning the intimate area.'"

The patients' attorneys believe the grand jury decision left prosecutors open to a wide range of abuses that could have been charged. They argue that if prosecutors had a way to charge Farley for sex crimes, they could have arrested him for abusing several more of his patients.


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