What Happened to Corey Haim?

October 11, 2023

While many people might remember Corey Haim for his acting in movies like Lucas, Silver Bullet, License to Drive, and The Lost Boys, the young star struggled with drug addiction throughout his life. In fact, he overdosed on drugs multiple times before his death in 2010.

Born on Dec. 23, 1971, in Toronto, Canada, Corey Haim was a shy child who took acting classes to build up his confidence. Although he was more interested in hockey, his mother encouraged him to audition for acting roles after watching his sister Carol try her luck in the business. Despite not being as natural in front of the camera as his sister, Haim managed to get noticed and landed his first role on The Edison Twins.

Haim continued to act in small roles before landing a more prominent one in Firstborn in 1985. This film gave him a big break in his career, but it wasn't enough to keep him from falling back into addictions. Per The Independent, he drank too much on set and started experimenting with drugs.

His next film, a drama called Secret Admirer, didn't go as well. This led to his downfall and he began selling his hair and teeth on eBay in order to fund his drug addiction.

After a few years of struggling with drug addiction, he died of pneumonia and an enlarged heart in 2010. His toxicology report showed that he had several prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines in his system, but they weren't the cause of his death.


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