What Happened to Courtney Palmer?

July 11, 2023

A young adult of 23 years Courtney palmer met a horrendous fate. He was tortured and brutally killed by two people namely Gerald Lowe Jr and Michaela Riddle. The case was so bizarre and horrific that it got the attention of people worldwide. The autopsy report revealed that Courtney was murdered inhumanely and his body was first burned then dumped. This made the case of courtney palmer one of the most shocking murder cases in the history of Tulsa.

On November 8, 2016, Courtney Palmer witnessed a shooting at Tamarack apartments in Tulsa while high on PCP (phencyclidine, an illegal street drug that causes hallucinations and distortion of personal reality). Police interviewed him, but when they returned for the interview two days later, he had disappeared.

He was beaten to death and then his body was transported to Muskogee County where it was either burned or fed to hogs. According to KTUL, investigators believe Lowe, Riddle and Jeannetta Thomas are the suspects in the murder.

This case is a very disturbing story and it was first told on The First 48. The episode is titled Unspeakable and it has 2 parts. This is one of the most shocking stories that the series has ever presented. It’s a very heartbreaking story of a man who was tortured and killed by a group of people who were whacked out on PCP. It is really hard to imagine how a person could be so cruel to another human being.


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