What Happened to Crane in Dying Light 2?

July 29, 2023

The parkour-loving double agent was a key character in the first Dying Light, but with multiple endings, it's not clear whether Kyle Crane is alive or dead in official canon. Now that Dying Light 2 is out, many players have been wondering if Crane's story is continued in the sequel, and if so, how it ends up playing out.

The original Dying Light followed the undercover agent Kyle Crane as he entered the quarantine zone of a fictional city named Harran in an effort to retrieve a file. He ended up severing ties with the GRE and delivering the file to Dr. Camden rather than the Ministry who were planning on weaponizing it. In doing so, he stopped jets from bombing the city and saved the lives of many survivors who were about to be slaughtered by virals.

In Dying Light 2, Kyle is mentioned by Spike (voiced by Kevin Daniels) when he and Aiden visit the Crane Bundle in the Luminosity District of Villedor. During this scene, Spike tells Aiden that he wishes that Kyle was still alive, although it's not immediately clear what he means by this.

Later on in the game, the Mother, leader of a cult, force-feeds Crane an elixir. Depending on which ending of the game you have, this will cause him to either activate the nuclear bomb in the dam and wipe out Harran and the virus or fight The Mother and use his volatile abilities to defeat her. If he chooses the latter, he will be transformed into a sentient Volatile who behaves like a human during the day but a violent creature at night.


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