What Happened to Cutie Pie on Moonshiners?

September 9, 2023

What Happened to cutie pie on moonshiners

Those who watch the Discovery Channel series Moonshiners know that there is more to Josh Owens than his illegal alcohol production. The lumberjack and former professional motocross racer is a family man who cares deeply about his daughter Elisabeth Reese Owens, as well as his dog Cutie Pie. He also works hard, not only to make ends meet but to pay for the extensive medical bills he incurred after his accident in 2016.

The show centers around Josh and his crew who distill liquor that is often illegal according to Virginia law. However, the production company and local authorities claim that no illicit activity takes place during filming of the series.

While Josh is a hardworking guy, he has his quirks too. He has been known to call Digger a puss from time to time, which is probably just his way of showing affection for the affable moonshiner.

In addition to his work on the show, Josh is a dedicated dad and owns a business called Tree and Yard Busters in Climax, Virginia. He is also an Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, having served from 2003-2007.

While it is unclear if Tim Smith is still alive, he has been known to appear on Moonshiners since the first season. He is now the owner of two whiskey businesses, including the Climax Whiskey Moonshine and the Tim Smith Southern Reserve American Whisky. He has also been involved with other alcoholic beverage brands in the past. He has also been an advocate for veterans.


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