What Happened to Dangen McDowell on the Five?

October 11, 2023

McDowell is a news anchor for Fox Business Network. She is a regular guest on Fox News Channel programs such as Your World with Neil Cavuto, Outnumbered, and CAVUTO Live. She also serves as a panelist on Cavuto on Business and hosts the sports program Bulls and Bears. McDowell also appears on the weekly Fox News political round-table show, The Five, with fellow Fox News personalities Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld.

The Five is the number one rated primetime show on Fox News Channel. It features a panel of experts who discuss current events and debate issues that impact the nation. The Five is known for its high-caliber journalism and controversial debates between the co-hosts. The show’s popularity has survived scandals that led to the dismissal of other co-hosts in the past.

Recently, it was reported that the popular news anchor and financial journalist had been diagnosed with a rare illness. While she had been dealing with the symptoms for a while, she was only recently given a formal diagnosis. Upon learning of the news, many of her fans sent their love and support for her. She has been undergoing treatment for her condition, and medical professionals have been conducting various tests to determine the best course of action for her.

Despite the difficult circumstances, McDowell has remained dedicated to her work and has continued to excel as a journalist on Fox News. She has not disclosed any health-related information to the media, so these rumors have no basis in fact.


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