What Happened to Danielle Polanco and Beyonce?

July 29, 2023

Danielle Polanco is a well-known dancer and choreographer best known for her role as the leading lady in Omarion’s music video touch. She has also choreographed for other big names like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles. She is also a voguer and has appeared in several music videos including Freakum Dress, Get me Bodied, and Sugar Mama.

In an interview with Sway in the morning, she gave her thoughts about the current state of dance culture and which artists/dancers she admires most. The Bronx native has a wealth of experience working with the industry’s biggest stars so her thoughts hold a lot of weight.

During the interview, she was asked about her thoughts on Beyonce’s latest release Lemonade and she didn’t seem very impressed with it. She mentioned that she was disappointed in Beyonce for the way she handled appropriation in her video. She explained that she doesn’t think it was okay for Beyonce and her team to use the iconic scene from Bob Fosse’s movie Sweet Charity in their film.

She added that Beyonce and her team didn’t credit the original creators of the scene and instead they used it as their own creation. This was a clear violation of copyright law. This made her feel like Beyonce is not a good role model to young black girls and women as she doesn’t handle appropriation with respect.


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