What Happened to Darrell on Ice Road Truckers?

March 26, 2024

When it comes to reality TV, there are a lot of shows that highlight just how dangerous the job is for these long-haul truck drivers. One of those shows, Ice Road Truckers, ran for 11 seasons on the History channel, and it featured people who took their trucks across frozen lakes and rivers to remote areas of Alaska and Canada to deliver supplies to the workers there. Darrell Ward, a trucker from Deer Lodge, Montana, who appeared on the show for five seasons, was killed in a plane crash this past weekend, according to a press release from the History Channel.

The 52-year-old died when his Cessna 182D crashed into the shoulder of Interstate 90 near Missoula, just as he was returning from Dallas after visiting fans at the Great American Truck Show. The pilot, Mark Melotz, attempted to land at a small airstrip but "something went drastically wrong," said a Missoula County sheriff's captain, who added that the plane hit a stand of trees and sent branches crashing onto the highway.

A self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Ward loved his family and enjoyed giving back to the community when he could. His motto was “Any road, any load” and he was always up for the next adventure on his route to Alaska. He had just finished filming Season 10 of the show earlier this year and had just learned that he was getting a green light for an additional season on IRT slated to start this winter.


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