What Happened to Darren Kirkpatrick?

September 10, 2023

The crew tries to figure out what caused the 340 Cuda's engine to be destroyed. Bill Goldberg drops off his 1968 GTX convertible for Mark and the crew to restore.

Josh joined the Graveyard Carz cast as an automotive engineer and gained a loyal fan base thanks to his quick skills in restoring Mopar muscle cars back to showroom condition. He was also Allysa Rose's husband and they bonded very well on screen. However, Josh left the show in 2014 and cited insufficient pay as the reason.

Fans were pretty sad to see him go as he was an amazing addition to the show. He had a great sense of humor and understood exactly how to repair cars. Besides, he was a very dedicated and hardworking guy. He lives a very secluded life and keeps his personal details private. However, we know that he has a beautiful daughter named Emma Rose with Allysa. He was an extremely talented individual and it will be interesting to see what he does next. Until then, we wish him all the best!


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