What Happened to Daryl Hannah?

July 29, 2023

After making waves as a mermaid in Splash and garnering acting kudos in Oliver Stone’s hard-hitting Wall Street, it seemed as though actress daryl hannah was the height of her fame. She was a pin-up girl, seen in top grossing movies and on the walls of teenage boys across America. Then, she just stopped appearing on the silver screen.

The news of her death spread quickly earlier this week, causing many fans to be deeply concerned and express their condolences on social media. Fortunately, the July 2023 report was a hoax and the beloved actress is very much alive and well.

Hannah was born in 1960 in Chicago to a father who owned a barge company and a mother who was a producer. The shy teen struggled in school and claimed to have autism, but was spared from being sent to an institution after her mother moved the family to Jamaica for a change of scenery. She later attended the Francis W Parker School in Chicago and studied ballet and acting before heading to Los Angeles for college.

Her debut role came in Brian De Palma’s 1978 horror film The Fury, where she played the small part of Pam. Her next big break was the science fiction movie Blade Runner in 1982, where she portrayed Pris, one of four artificial life forms hunted by Harrison Ford’s character. The film received mixed reviews at the time, but went on to develop a cult following.


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