What Happened to Dave Chappelle?

October 22, 2023

Dave Chappelle, the famed comedian known for his bold satire and iconic impersonations of everyone from Lil Jon to Rick James, is one of America's greatest comedy icons. But in recent months, he has found himself mired in controversy over his jokes about transgender people. Despite some staff walkouts and internet backlash, Chappelle has refused to back down from his controversial jokes. As the comedian continues to reintroduce himself to America through sold-out shows and Netflix specials, we look back at some of the biggest controversies that have surrounded him recently.

In April 2022, Chappelle was performing at the comedy festival Netflix Is A Joke in Los Angeles when he was attacked on stage by a man who rushed the stage and tackled him. The attacker was arrested shortly afterward. Chappelle kept his composure after the attack, letting the crowd know that it was a transgender person who had invaded the stage.

The following month, he again addressed the issue during a show in Boston. In his remarks, he condemned both Hamas' attacks on Gaza and Israel's bombing of the region. He also called for peace and praised the work of the UN to help bring an end to the conflict.

Chappelle's comments prompted audience members to walk out of the venue. In a follow-up interview, the comedian addressed the incident and said that he was sorry for offending people. He also emphasized that the meeting was not intended to be a political rally. Instead, he hoped that the meeting would bring people together and give local businesses a chance to show their support for him.


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