What Happened to David on My 600 Pound Life?

September 10, 2023

David Nelson, 30, from Idaho Falls appeared on season 10 of My 600-lb Life. He was morbidly obese and struggled to live a normal life. He used to live with his foster mother, Robin, who tried to help him and keep him healthy. He also suffered from chronic back and muscle pain, took 8 painkillers, and slept with a CPAP machine to help him breathe.

He has lost 68 pounds since My 600-lb Life and was approved for gastric bypass surgery. But he needs to lose 30 more pounds in two months to ensure success with the surgery. Robin comes to visit him and helps him stay on track with his diet. They go grocery shopping. He wants cookies but she convinces him to get nuts instead. She also tries to keep him active by taking him on walking adventures. They walk around the neighborhood and even hike in a state park.

The next day, they head out for a road trip. He can only use the passenger seat because he is too tall to fit in the driver’s side. They drive to a restaurant and order food. He gets jalapeno poppers and a Supreme Croissant. He drinks a Diet Coke to wash it down. He is trying to enjoy the food before he has to change his eating habits for good.

At home, he is struggling with his weight. He can’t stand for more than two minutes because he is afraid he will fall. Getting dressed is the hardest thing to do because he has to gasp for air and struggles to put his socks on. He doesn’t want to shower because he knows if he falls, he will break something. Robin is worried that she is his only motivation and encourages him to find his own internal strength.


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