What Happened to Deadmau5 Teeth?

July 30, 2023

It's unclear what happened to deadmau5's teeth. But the musician has been complaining about them for years.

As EDM morphs from club-music shit to pop-music spectacle, DJs like deadmau5 are raking in dough and getting bigger. They're more than just a guy pressing buttons to get the crowd going; they're putting on a show, with a huge entourage and new-jet-smell-y tour bus.

When it came time to soundtrack the apocalypse in Resident Evil, the challenge was bigger for EDM superstar deadmau5 than most. He needed to create a score that could back everything from giant caterpillar attacks to hermetic enclaves of survivors who are still battling the undead. He chose analog synths and a signature groove to propel the action. It also required him to put his own spin on the horrors of a zombie apocalypse.


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