What Happened to Denise on Life Below Zero?

July 29, 2023

What happened to denise on life below zero

Andy Bassich of the popular show, Life Below Zero, shocked fans when he abruptly stopped appearing in episodes. He has since explained that he had to leave due to an injury. He is now back with a new girlfriend, Denise Becker. The two live together in Alaska and harvest vegetables from their garden before the winter arrives. The couple also takes care of their sled dogs together.

Before this, he was married to Kate Rorke Bassich. They met in Dawson City, Canada, in 2003 when he was a riverboat captain and she was a tourist. They eventually moved to Alaska and started their own business. They became famous through the reality TV show Life Below Zero which airs on National Geographic. He has appeared alongside other stars like Sue Aikens, Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, Chip Hailstone, and Erik Salitan.

He has a net worth of $250,000. His wealth comes from his successful career as a television personality. He has also appeared on other shows like the popular survival show Survivor.

The reality star has been active in the television industry for many years now and has gained immense popularity. He is a popular survival expert and has travelled to various parts of the world. He has also appeared in several films and documentaries. He is known for his dedication and commitment towards his work. His passion for his profession has helped him achieve great success in his career.


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