What Happened to Dennis Collins Son Connor?

October 15, 2023

Dennis Collins, a well-known American entrepreneur is pretty active on social media. He has earned several fans through his professional work and appearances on the show, Fast N’ Loud. He also has an excellent knowledge about the latest and vintage cars. He is the founder and owner of Collins Brothers Jeep and a well-renowned personality in this industry.

His company sells top-of-the-line jeeps and numerous car parts around the world. Moreover, he has a great zest for life and is a loving father to his daughters. In his older brother’s words, he would consume his thoughts of his daughters and how they were the only thing that made the world go round for him.

Connor also talks about his dad’s love for death and how he never knew how much pain one person could feel until they died. Hence, he was always praising those who were able to understand true pain.

The funeral was held at Wildwood Chapel, 13005 Greenville Ave, Dallas on 19 July. Among the attendees were his parents Dennis and Sharon Collins, two daughters MaKenzee Kate Collins and Avery Collins, their siblings Kendra Walker, Kelsey Collins, and Connor Collins, his wife Kimberly, and her daughter Alicia.

He had been struggling with his drug addiction for years and on Thursday became very agitated. He even started cutting himself in his car. His mother then pulled over at a QuikTrip and called 911. However, he was soon killed by police officers at the scene.


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