What Happened to Devon on Letterkenny?

July 11, 2023

When Devon left letterkenny it was a shock to many fans. He was the favorite among the skids and was doing well on the show. He has been a multitalented person and has excelled in acting, production and direction. He has run and edited two films, Two Homeless Men Make Juice (in LA) and Cheese. He has also received writing and cinematography credits. His sudden departure from the show was a mystery to many as there has been no explanation for it.

What Happened to Devon on Letterkenny

The show revolves around a small Canadian town called Letterkenny, which consists of hicks, skids and hockey players. The characters on the show have unique personalities that are hilarious when they interact with each other. The show has a large following and has been praised for its writing and acting. It has garnered a lot of critical acclaim and won multiple awards. It started out as a series of YouTube web videos and has since been adapted into a TV series.

The hicks are led by Wayne and his sister Katy, who run a farm. Their friends include Daryl and Squirrely Dan, who are good-ol boys who try to avoid getting in trouble with the locals. The skids are social misfits who like to party and smoke meth. Their lifestyle is inspired by emo and goth culture and they have a love of music and video games. Devon emerges as an inventive guy and loves the skids lifestyle. He is an avid rap and skateboarder, but eventually falls in love with Katy.


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