What Happened to Doc Hudson in Cars 3?

February 3, 2024

Doc Hudson is a former racing car who was one of the most famous drivers in history. He won three Piston Cups but his career took a turn when he was involved in a crash during the 1954 championship race at Fireball Beach that put him out for the entire season. The following year, he was passed up by a rookie and left the racing world. He removed his racing modifications and moved to the small town of Radiator Springs on U.S. Route 66 where he became the town doctor and judge.

According to the film's director, John Lasseter, Paul Newman was very committed to making Cars feel like real racing and got a lot of joy out of playing Doc, who is based on the 1951 Fabulous Hudson Hornet. When he died in 2008, the filmmakers knew they had to honor his legacy and decided not to recast the role of the elder statesman.

What happened to doc hudson in cars 3

The film glosses over Doc's death at some point between the first movie and the sequel. The implication is that he died of old age, but the film doesn't give any details about his passing. The question was always there for fans to ask: How did the character die? And while there's no answer in the movie itself, it is answered in an alternate ending. That alternate ending is revealed in a deleted scene from the movie that's available on YouTube.


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