What Happened to Doughboy on MSO?

July 29, 2023

Joshua Day, better known as Doughboy, is a fan favorite on Discovery Channel's popular reality show Street Outlaws. He is the son of series creator and star JJ Da Boss and often joins his family in their speedy street races. Despite his young age, Doughboy is one of the most skilled drivers in the Memphis crew. So when he went missing from Season 5, fans were alarmed.

Fortunately, there is a reason why Doughboy has been absent from MSO. It was revealed that the younger Day suffered an injury to his back, which will require him to take some time off from racing for a while. Unfortunately, there is no official word on when he will return to the racetrack.

But for now, he's spending some quality time at home with his family. In a video uploaded to YouTube, viewers can see him speaking to his mother and wife Chelsea about how he will be out of commission for a little while. JJ then suggests that Chelsea step in and drive Queen of the Streets Precious Cooper's '66 Chevy Nova.

Some rumors began to spread in Reddit threads that claimed that Doughboy is embroiled in some legal issues and may even be incarcerated. But others believe that he simply took some time off to spend some time with his family while he heals up.


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