What Happened to Doughboy on Street Outlaws?

October 8, 2023

When a popular reality show cast member suddenly goes missing, it’s always a concern. While many of these disappearances are simply due to contract disputes or other behind-the-scenes squabbles, it’s always shocking when someone from a show we’ve come to love disappears without a trace. This has been the case with Josh Day, better known as Doughboy from the Discovery channel show Street Outlaws. He has not been seen on the show since season four, and fans are worried about his whereabouts and what’s going on with him.

One of the more prominent rumors surrounding Doughboy’s absence was that he had been caught up in legal trouble and incarcerated. This was quickly refuted by users on Reddit, however, who claimed that the racer had simply injured his back in an underground street racing accident and could no longer compete in the show.

Another rumor surrounding Doughboy’s disappearance was that he had been hooked on painkillers, a common issue among people who spend a lot of time in the car racing world. This claim was also disputed by users on Reddit, who claimed that JJ Da Boss’ son had been injured in an accident on the track and was simply spending some time at home to rest his injury.

While he has not been on the show in some time, it’s possible that Doughboy will return to the program sometime in the future. The oldest son of JJ Da Boss, he was a main character in the first four seasons of Street Outlaws and was a favorite among many viewers. Hopefully, the racer is able to recover from his injuries soon and make a triumphant return to the program!


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