What Happened To Drew Tingley On Hell's Kitchen?

March 7, 2023

what happened to drew on hells kitchen

What Happened To Drew Tingley On Hell's Kitchen

If you haven’t already, you should know that Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking competition hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The show follows aspiring chefs as they try to win the top spot and a restaurant in Las Vegas.

The show is not for the faint of heart! It’s full of drama and intense competition.

Despite the fact that the show is extremely violent, many viewers still tune in to watch it each week. However, there have been several cases where contestants have had to pull out of the competition due to medical reasons.

What happened to Joseph Cerniglia

A former cast member of Hell’s Kitchen, Joe Cerniglia died by suicide in 2010, a little over a year after his appearance on the show. He was a fan of Ramsay’s show and had a dream to be on the series himself some day.

What happened to Keith Greene

In season 2, one of the cast members of Hell’s Kitchen, Keith Greene, sadly passed away in a swimming accident in Lake Tahoe. He was only 39 years old when he died.

What happened to Kori Sutton

The winner of season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen was Kori Sutton, who received a $4000 shopping spree and a set of home and kitchen goods. She is now the head chef at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Lake Tahoe.

What happened to Robyn Tribble

After her appearance on Hell’s Kitchen, Robyn continued to run her gourmet food truck, Palate Party, in Wilton Manors. She also released her first cookbook, Low and Slow Cooking, in January 2020.


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