What Happened to Duke on Zombie House Flippers?

August 23, 2023

Many fans of the hit reality show Zombie House Flippers noticed that one of their favorite cast members was missing in later episodes. It turns out that Duke from the show was not fired and has simply been busy with his own work. The real estate expert is still working on home renovations in Orlando but no longer appears on camera for the popular show. Duke still "rescues wrecked homes and remodels them for profit" but he just does it away from the cameras of the program.

What Happened to duke on Zombie House Flippers

Peter Duke, who goes by the nickname Duke, first appeared on the show in Season 3. He quickly became a fan favorite due to his infectious personality and impressive construction skills. His unique approach to flipping houses and his passion for the industry were also appealing to viewers.

Unfortunately, Duke did not return for the fourth season of the show. Instead, he took a break from the series to focus on his own business, Hour Glass Homes. Hour Glass Homes is a design and construction firm that specializes in building unique and highly-livable homes. The company has been involved in hundreds of projects throughout the Orlando area.

Duke is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys new challenges. He enjoys traveling, learning, and creating beautiful spaces. He is also a family man and recently posted a carousel of photos with his wife, Jenny Zeng. The couple has been married for about six years and they have a son named Beau.


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