What Happened to Dumbledore's Sister Ariana?

March 28, 2024

The younger sister of Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore was born a half-blood witch, but her tragic life was full of trauma and uncontrolled magic. When she was just six years old, a group of Muggle children saw her performing magic and attacked her, which left her severely traumatized and unable to control her magical abilities. Her father Percival took vengeance on the boys who assaulted her, landing him in Azkaban. After that, her mother Kendra kept Ariana at home and out of sight from the magical community. This led to rumors that she was a squib and that Kendra was ashamed of her, which ruined her childhood. Her inability to control her magic would later lead to her accidental death during an episode of uncontrolled magic that also killed her mother.

Despite her tragic fate, her brother Aberforth held her in high regard and was able to calm her during her episodes. He even sacrificed his own plans to travel the world when he learned of her death, opting instead to return to Godric’s Hollow as her primary caregiver.

Throughout the last two Fantastic Beasts movies, we have seen his dedication to bringing down Gellert Grindelwald escalate and expand to include more and more wizards from around the world — including Muggles. Now that he has witnessed Leta’s death in the dungeons, we are sure he will be more determined than ever to complete his mission. This will likely include reuniting with his estranged brother, as well.


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