What Happened to Dusty Crum's Leg on Swamp People?

March 28, 2024

When fans of the Discovery channel show Swamp People saw Dusty Crum with scars on his leg, they started to ask if he got hurt by a python or a gator. But it wasn't either of those that injured him - the toughest snake hunter in Florida was involved in a scary car accident that almost cost him his leg.

As TMZ reports, the invasive Burmese python hunter was riding shotgun in a truck when one of the tires blew on the vehicle and the driver lost control. The truck fishtailed and flipped three times. During the crash, Dusty's window broke and his leg went out the window but he managed to pull it back inside the truck over time as the vehicle kept flipping. The accident left him with severe damage to his lower right leg and knee. But the snake hunter dubbed "The Wildman" survived thanks to his quick-thinking. He fashioned a tourniquet out of his shirt and used it to stop the bleeding as he tried to stay awake until paramedics arrived on the scene. Doctors were able to save his leg through five different surgical procedures. He's been in the hospital for nearly four weeks and is hoping to move to a rehab facility soon.

As you might expect, the python hunter is not insured and faces crushing medical bills that he can't afford. That's why a friend of his has started a GoFundMe to help raise money for the expenses. But it's not only the money that's needed - the python hunter also needs your prayers and support to get through this hard time.


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