What Happened to Ed China on Wheeler Dealers Trading Up?

July 29, 2023

A new season of Wheeler Dealers is on the air, but something is missing – the lovable mechanic Edd China. Edd China was a huge presence on the show and jelled well with presenter Mike Brewer.

He has since left the show but he still works on cars and has his own YouTube channel called Garage Revival. His latest series focuses on converting classic vehicles to electric power. He also has his own show on Discovery's Velocity network called Car Shack.

What Happened to ed china on wheeler dealers trading up

In his introductory video on his YouTube channel, Edd explained that he'd worked on the show for fourteen years. He went on to say that making Wheeler Dealers is a big effort and requires a lot of dedication. He said he was grateful to everyone who has supported the show through the years and that it was time to move on.

What happened to ed china on wheeler dealers was that the new producers wanted to reduce the amount of in-depth workshop work shown on the show to save time and money. Edd didn't agree with this and decided to leave the show.

Thankfully, the team at Wheeler Dealers was quick to find a replacement. British television host Anthony "Ant" Anstead was brought on board to replace Edd China for the 14th season of the popular car show. Ant had a great track record on automotive TV and had the right blend of knowledge and experience to replace Edd China.


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