What Happened to Eddie in Kickin It?

March 12, 2024

The show Kickin it had a very cool narrative and had managed to create a buzz around itself. The show starred some of the best actors from all over and the cast did a great job portraying the emotions in the story. One of the most interesting emotions depicted on screen was that of sympathy and empathy. All of the characters, especially Eddie did a very good job of showing these feelings on screen.

Despite being very uncoordinated Eddie is the sweetest and in some ways most harmless member of the Wasabi Warriors. He loves karate and feels that it helps him to express his inner self. He is very close to his mother and wants to be a ladies man, even though he embarrasses himself very easily. He hates being forced to do things he dislikes such as taking dance lessons at Mrs. King’s Dance Academy. He is also very scared of anything scary and can only watch G rated movies. He is a good friend of Milton and Jerry and is seen hanging out with them often.

Many fans were confused when Eddie disappeared from the show after Season 2. It was later revealed in a Twitch stream by Dylan Riley Snyder and Leo Howard that Alex Christian Jones wanted to put more emphasis on his personal life than acting so he decided to leave the show. He moved to England to take care of his grandparents and now he is not a part of the Kickin it cast anymore.


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