What Happened To Edmond Ku Theranos?

July 12, 2023

What Happened To Edmond Ku Theranos?

Edmond ku theranos was one of the company’s most important workers. He worked with Elizabeth Holmes and was responsible for a lot of the company’s device development. He was also one of the main people who made it possible to create a machine that could test blood with only a drop of blood. He is a talented engineer and was paid a high salary by Theranos.

In the show, he is portrayed by James Hiroyuki Liao, who is best known for his roles in Cowboy Bebop and Manifest. Ku joined Theranos in 2006 and oversaw the engineering division. He was a soft-spoken man with a talent for problem-solving.

After he expressed misgivings about faking the demos, he was fired by Holmes. The story echoes the real-life experience of a former Theranos employee named Rakesh Madhava. He was a biotech engineer who also left Theranos after the scandal broke. He left the company after he wrote an email detailing some of the concerns he had about Theranos’ lab practices.

Unlike Ku, however, Madhava was able to get a new job. He is currently working at a different company in California. It will take some time before we can know about his current net worth, but he was a good engineer and must have received a decent amount of money from the company. He is probably living a happy life now. He will definitely miss Theranos, but he must be having a great time at his new workplace.


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