What Happened to Edp445?

October 7, 2023

Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland, popularly known as edp445, is a vlogger who was once one of the most renowned content creators on YouTube. He garnered a huge following for his humorous commentary videos and off-beat personality. However, over the years, he received criticism for his insensitive jokes and comments. In April 2021, he was exposed for allegedly sending inappropriate messages to underage girls and this led to massive public condemnation. In the aftermath of this scandal, he was removed from several social media platforms and he has not returned to YouTube since then.

During his active career, he mainly filmed rants and various challenges, Q&As, cooking videos, and vlogs. He also devoted a significant portion of his video content to his favorite American football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. The vlogger was well-known for his unfiltered sense of humor and his over-the-top fandom of the team. He was even featured on Howard Stern’s radio show and he made appearances on Comedy Central’s Tosh.

In the past, he also made an appearance on a celebrity dating show called The Ex List. However, he has not been seen in the media for some time now and rumors are circulating that he has passed away.

Earlier this year, he addressed these death rumors by going live on Instagram and confirming that he is alive. During his live stream, he showed a bruise on his neck which he claimed was from a catheter inserted into his body for kidney failure surgery.


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