What Happened to Elijah Vincent Aubin

July 29, 2023

What Happened to Elijah Elijah Vincent Aubin was a young soul who left this world at the age of five. He was overflowing with Joy and enthusiasm. He loved his family genuinely and would do anything to protect his younger brothers maverick and caden. However, he had a misfortuned fate and he died due to a tragic accident. His death was a shock to the family and close ones. In this article, we will delve into the cause of his untimely demise.

He was suffering from a rare genetic disorder. It affected his ability to move voluntarily and he was unable to control his movement. His parents and doctors were shocked when he passed away. The bewildered family has not yet recovered from the loss of their child. They have started a foundation named after their son called the Eli Foundation in Marshall, Minnesota. It is developing social projects to treat muscular dystrophy and advocate disability rights. In the loving memory of their beloved elder son, they have also created a gifting site called Eli treasures. They are creating gifts based on their elder son’s likings and hobbies. They have also set up a butterfly rock page to share pictures of their rocks with the people all around the world.

The Originals broke Elijah’s blind loyalty to Klaus, but it also took away who he is. His identity was stolen from him, but he was still the most important person in his life.


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