What Happened to Elsa Patton's Face?

September 10, 2023

84-year-old American woman Elsa Patton, also known as Mama Elsa, was one of the most famous victims of botched plastic surgery. She became famous due to her recurring appearance in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Miami” (ROHM). Elsa’s husband Donald always indulged his wife’s whims and she had a passion for cosmetic procedures. She did dozens of operations to keep her skin young and beautiful.

The most famous ones were her circular tightening of the face and the insertion of fillers. Filming in the show fueled her enthusiasm to further improve her look. She got so addicted to the procedure that her face started to resemble the smile of Gwynplaine from the movie “The Man Who Laughs”.

It was hard to tell what her face looked like before her extensive surgeries. Elsa was an outgoing person and she had many friends around her. Her daughter Marysol said that her mother used to be very friendly and nice to others, so people wanted to be near her. Marysol claimed that when the show started, she and her mother noticed that people started to stare at them or approach them for photos.

According to two experts in facial plastic surgery, Elsa’s case was the worst that they have ever seen. Facial plastic surgeon Benjamin Stong from Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery in Atlanta said that it is “hard to imagine what her original facial shape was.” Double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Farrior from Tampa, Florida, agrees with him and claims that Elsa’s case is a “tragedy in judgment, ethics, and technique”.


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