What Happened to Enterprise E?

March 22, 2024

Despite a shaky fake-out at the end of Star Trek: First Contact, it seems that the Enterprise E did not get destroyed. In fact, the ship continued to serve under Picard’s command for quite a while. It underwent a major refit to add four additional aft-facing photon torpedo tubes (a twin launcher above the aft hangar deck, a single one above the bridge terracing and a single one at the forward base of the aft bridge wing). The ship also saw a number of other upgrades, including a new deflector array and five extra torpedo tubes, but it’s unclear whether these were added in the time between Star Trek: Nemesis and the release of Star Trek: Picard.

The USS Enterprise-E was the sixth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise and, under Picard’s command, she took part in some of the most pivotal events of the Next Generation era: defeating the Borg, disrupting the plans of Son'a in 2375, destroying Praetor Shinzon and his dreaded Reman warbird on Scimitar, and more. The show’s finale, Star Trek: Nemesis, saw the Enterprise-E patrolling the Romulan neutral zone in an attempt to avert a war between Tezwa and the Klingon Empire following a horrific attack by the mad Tezwan leader Kinchawn on a fleet of Starfleet vessels with his vicious weapon.

Fans are hoping to see the Enterprise-E appear in season three of Picard, which was confirmed by showrunner Terry Matalas this week. However, Matalas did reveal that most of the action in the season will take place on board the Titan-A. That may mean that the Enterprise-E will not appear this year after all, although we did see a brief shot of the Enterprise-F in the NYCC trailer in October.


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