What Happened to Everly's Real Dad?

January 30, 2024

A lot of people have been wondering what happened to everly's real dad. She's a little girl who's been featured on popular family influencers' YouTube channel, The LaBrant Fam. She lives with her mom, Savanna Cole and dad, Cole LaBrant. She also has her own TikTok and Instagram accounts, where she's seen dancing, trying out toys and even playing pranks on her parents. She has millions of followers on all platforms.

The couple is notorious for posting intimate moments on their channels, and many believe they're exploiting the children. They've been criticized for everything from photos of a child's seizure to videos detailing the pain of losing a loved one. After the death of Smith, fans have urged the LaBrants to respect his memory and provide Everleigh with the support she needs to navigate her grief.

The LaBrants have not yet released a statement about his death, but they've been fairly open about their relationship with Smith. The two dated on and off until 2012, when Savannah got pregnant with Everleigh. Then she married Cole, who's now the father of her three younger children.

In a video that was posted to their YouTube channel last year, the couple talked about how they split time between their homes and how Everleigh enjoyed spending time with both her mom's and her biological dad's. The pair didn't reveal details about their custody arrangement with Smith, but it seemed like he was close to his daughter.


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