What Happened to Evie in Manifest?

September 10, 2023

If you're a fan of the hit NBC show Manifest, then you probably remember a character named Evie. The actress that played the character only appeared in one episode of Manifest Season 1 but she left a huge impact on Michaela's journey throughout the series. In fact, the name Evie was even mentioned several times during the season 4 Part 1 finale. This got fans wondering what happened to evie in manifest.

Simone Elizabeth Bart portrayed the character of Evie in Manifest. She made her first appearance in the third episode of the first season where she was seen carrying Jarod and Lourdes' old boxes. During this scene, a picture of the 'three amigas' fell off of one of the boxes. The three of them then started to talk about their childhood.

During this conversation, the trio revealed that Evie was bullied by a boy in sixth grade. However, she refused to rat on him to her teacher and instead waited for him outside of school to beat him up. Unfortunately, that night they got into a car accident and Evie died. Afterwards, her parents Glen and Beverly blamed Michaela for what happened.

Eventually, the guilt drove Michaela to reevaluate her life and make some changes. This led her to join a church where she befriended a man named Gabriel and began to take up more responsibility in the community. This also helped her overcome the loss of Evie, and she realized that it was important for her to be there for others.


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